PODCAST: Religion, Myths and Monsters, Part 1!

Hey guys! We have a GREAT podcast episode today! My new co-host Dr. ┬áJenna Lachenay joins us to discuss organized religion, myths, monsters, superstitions and their distinctions in a society. My hope is that you hear these episodes, that you are able to glean information about how a society functions and views certain paranatural or […]

The Complexity of Motive in Writing a Character

I wanted to take a moment to explore the idea of motive in a character’s life, in any story. I constantly see stories where the character has a single motive in their lives. This motive becomes a dominant force, acting as a supernatural guide to every thought, action and purpose in a character’s life.


Hi guys!Today’s interview is with the amazing Kevin Parham! I’ve known Kevin for several years now, and he’s an awesome guy to talk to. His coolness landed him on my ‘Super Awesomes’ list on Twitter so I can keep track of his updates. He’s an awesome guy to talk to and a great comic artist […]

7 Videos to Help You Master Composition in Comics

The biggest challenge for any artist in any medium is creating eye-catching work that will grab viewers and keep them captive to the subject matter. One perfect way of doing this is creating work that adheres to “good composition” principles. Using proper composition in any medium will place you head-and-shoulders above the competition and give […]

WEBCOMIC INTERVIEW: Wesley K. Hall of NamelessPCs

Hey guys! This is our first interview of the year! We’re starting a new segment called “Interview Fridays” where we interview creatives in the print and webcomics fields as well as concept artists, writers and more! Today’s interview is with the amazing Wesley K. Hall of the “NamelessPC” webcomic! I’ve known Wesley for about a […]