PODCAST EPISODE: Interview with Cory Kerr!

INTERVIEW WITH DESIGNER AND COMIC ARTIST CORY KERR This week I am joined by the awesome Cory Kerr, and we discuss mythology, current and ancient religion, ancient history and the Hero’s Journey in modern storytelling! CLICK PLAY BELOW TO START! We are redesigning our iTunes space, so check back for updates!   The podcast was […]

PODCAST: Painting a liquid atmosphere in writing

CAN YOU PAINT WITH ALL THE COLORS OF YOUR WORDS? This week I am joined by the marvelous Dr. Jenna LaChenay as we discuss painting a liquid atmosphere with words, and how we approach our environment as storytellers. Can you paint with your words? We discuss books that have impacted us and writing impacting environments! […]

PODCAST: Religion, Myths and Monsters, Part 1!

Hey guys! We have a GREAT podcast episode today! My new co-host Dr. ┬áJenna Lachenay joins us to discuss organized religion, myths, monsters, superstitions and their distinctions in a society. My hope is that you hear these episodes, that you are able to glean information about how a society functions and views certain paranatural or […]

The Complexity of Motive in Writing a Character

I wanted to take a moment to explore the idea of motive in a character’s life, in any story. I constantly see stories where the character has a single motive in their lives. This motive becomes a dominant force, acting as a supernatural guide to every thought, action and purpose in a character’s life.

PODCAST: The Dinosaur Episode!

Click the player above to begin the episode! Hola guys! I’m picking the podcast up as we begin heading toward the fall season! Today’s episode is all about dinosaurs! I talk about the awesomeness of these creatures and how science has changed the way we see these biological organisms, and how we’ve changed our views […]

World Building Issues: Humans from an alien perspective

The biggest issue I see in world building and storytelling is the portrayal aliens as carbon copies of humans, who do everything that humans do but whose only difference is a slight forehead bulge. I guess it’s safe in some ways, and for well-written stories, human-like aliens can serve as a doorway into an alien […]