10 Comic Drawing Tutorials You Can’t Miss

Today we look at some great YouTube tutorials on drawing. We never stop needing practice, and some of these videos are the best!

How to Draw Cartoon Eyes Tutorial

This tutorial is a fantastic introduction to creating cartoon eyes, and how to build a cartoon library for your work.

Fundamentals of Character Design Class with David Colman

This video is a fantastic all-around tutorial on approaching drawing by the fundamentals.

Dynamic Sketching II with Peter Han

This is another video from the CGMasterAcademy, and it covers the topic of sketching and making your sketches dynamic.

How to Draw: Foreshortening with the Coil Technique

This is a great video on how to foreshorten limbs and objects using a simple technique.

A Talk About Drawing Styles

This video is a great bit on how to draw styles, the importance of drawing foundations and the dangers of copying styles. (Especially anime)

How to Draw Interesting Poses

Concerned about your figures poses, or want to see some simple guides on making your interesting poses more interesting? This is the video for you!

Creating a Stylized Character Turnaround from Concept

This is a great video outlining character creation.

How to Draw Hair

Ever wondered how to draw hair? Proko has some amazing, easy advice!

How to Draw Eyes

Proko demonstrates in very easy steps how to draw eyes, with easy explanations on rendering the eye.

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